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featuring Jeannie Richards and Li'l Angels Full Moon.  This video shows an example trail course, and how exhibitors help their donkey navigate obstacles.


featuring Lynn Podesta and Li'l Angels October Rising Son This video shows Lynn & "Sonny" as they negotiate typical trail obstacles. (Video is property of L Bar L Ranch)


In Hand Jumping:

featuring  Kathy Loudamy and Stone Gates Acres Solar Eclypse. This jumping course is comprised of 5 jumps. The objective is to go clean and have the fastest time.


Coon Jumping:

featuring Barb Grubb and Cedar Creek Farm's Sparky. Coon jumping is a class named after the practice of jumping mules over fences during a hunt for raccoons with the dogs. During the hunt, there were often fences in the way of the chase. The rider would dismount and place a blanket over the fence (which was often barbed wire) and then have the mule jump the fence from a standstill. In the National Miniature Donkey Association Coon Jumping class, the donkey has to come to a complete stop after stepping inside of a box drawn 10 feet in front of the jump. The handler can put a towel or blanket over the jump if he/she chooses to do so. After coming to a stop, the donkey can move around inside of the box before jumping but if it steps outside the box, or knocks down the jump, it is eliminated. It has 45 seconds or 3 attempts to make the jump. After all the donkeys in the class jump (or have attempted to jump) the bar is raised in 2-3 inch increments. The donkey clearing the highest jump wins the class. The short video clip shows the last two donkeys remaining in the class at Cheers For Ears 2004. Cedar Creek Farm's Sparky (31 inches tall) won the class over some much larger donkeys.




Pleasure Driving:

featuring Barb Grubb and Cedar Creek Farm's senior herdsire, LN Redsonne. This video is an open driving class, judged primarily on the performance of the donkey. The donkey has to be able to trot at two speeds (a slow trot, also called a park trot, and a faster trot, also called a road gait). Competitors are also asked to walk & rein back (back up). Smoothness of gait and a clear transition of gait are important. This 1998 video taken at the Great Celebration Mule & Donkey Show in Shelbyville, Tenn, shows Barb & Redsonne competing with some of the country's top mammoth donkeys. Barb & "Sonne" won the class!


featuring Jeannie Richards and Little Chief. Competitors are asked to perform similar requirements as the pleasure driving class except that the driver is judged rather than the donkey.

Obstacle Driving:

featuring Jeannie Richards and Little Chief. Class to be judged on performance and way of going with emphasis on manners through out the course. Entries will be evaluated on responsiveness and willingness, plus general attitude.

featuring Barb Grubb and April Love.


featuring Jeannie Richards and Little Chief. Three barrels shall be placed to form an equilateral triangle. This is a timed event, with the fastest donkey and driver determined the winner. Knocking over a barrel will constitute a five second penalty for each barrel knocked over. Contestants shall  be disqualified for not following the pattern. Cantering is not permitted.

Single Stake Race:

featuring Barb Grubb and LN Redsonne. The Single Stake Race is an NMDA driving race in which the donkey crosses over the starting line, runs around a stake, cone or barrel placed 100 ft from the start, and then races back to the starting line with the fastest donkey winning. This 1999 video is from the Great Celebration in Shelbyville Tenn. in which LN Redsonne is showing his winning form, winning the class. NOTE: NMDA has since changed the rules and no longer allows cantering, only trotting.


Gold Hill Challenge 2009:

featuring Elizabeth Moore & Li'l Angels Mona Lisa. Filmed on location at Benson Ranch, this beautiful video features edited sections of Dream Riders video of Elizabeth & Mona as they participated in the different driving  competitions at the event.


Other videos:


Gold Hill Triple Challenge  featuring beautiful photographs from the event in 2009.


What Do You Do With 'Em? A great video showing the many talents of the miniature donkey.


Jacks & Donkeys For Sale

See our video library of sale donkeys and breeding jacks on the FEATURES section of our sister site,


Longears Playday   featuring beautiful photographs from the event.



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